Question: What do I get for my subscription?
Answer: e-HIPAA Membership Package:
  • Fast Track to develop a new compliance program or/re-vamp your outdated HIPAA Program
  • Create a self-audit for your clinic
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Receive monthly reminders
  • Receive Security Policy & Procedure Templates
  • Gap Identification & Remediation
  • Business Associate Management
  • Future modules available as regulations change, be the first to know when there are changes and be provided with the tools and clear direction to comply!
  • And much more….
Question: How long do I have to stay a subscriber/member?
Answer: Since compliance law is always changing , requiring updates to your program and has annual audit requirements for multiple areas of your HIPAA program, you should want your compliance officer to be a member/subscriber on an ongoing basis.
Question: Why this program?
Answer: This ongoing reminder, update, accountability, tips, hints and reminder program has been developed by leading experts, who have contributed information and expertise, plus doctors who know and understand the complexities of introducing new programs and processes into a busy practice. The system has been designed for support personnel to be able to implement and manage the majority of the ongoing compliance program, thus freeing the doctors’ time.
Question: Are there any hidden fees?
Answer: No. The eHIPAA membership is $185 upfront + $29.95 a month for a one year minimum that automatically changes to a month-to-month program after that time. There are no other fees for the eHIPAA Compliance program, however there are other recommended outside affiliate experts and products for other types of practice needs available at the site.
Question: How much doctor time will it take to utilize this program?
Answer: The program is designed for support staff to have the ability complete the majority of the program, the doctor can do as little or as much as they want, typically they have to spend no more than 10% of the time necessary to implement and maintain the compliance program and the remainder can be done by support staff.
Question: How do I enroll?
Answer: Simply fill out your information at this website, including credit card information. List all additional doctors that will be included with your main subscription (for a small additional fee per doctor) and you automatically have access to the program.
Question: What information do I receive and how does the system work?
Answer: Once your membership begins, you are givin access to the full program and you are sent reminders to complete a new module of training (which also acts as a annual reminder to update that particular portion of your compliance program-if it is already in place) every month. Plus, you are given any alerts relative to changes in law, updates on what is happening in the field, especially what is being targeted for enforcement, as well as hints and tips that may help with practice growth, efficiency and effectiveness . Also, each module contains specific questions, that when taken in aggregate, over a one-year period, constitute one of the requirements to perform an annual compliance program audit.