eHIPAA Clinic Membership Package
$185 initial fast-track setup; $29.95 per month
Includes two (2) users – one (1) provider & one (1) compliance officer

Add additional providers at $ 19.95 per month. This membership will be active for 12 months, at which point clinics have
the choice to remain users at a month-to-month variable rate or lock in their rate for an additional term.

Once you have set up your clinic membership you will have immediate access to the full range of benefits and
compliance modules that e-HIPAA has to offer:

 Get started fast! This membership includes a detailed Security Risk Analysis to fast-track your HIPAA program.

 Tips and hints on how to easily implement and modify policies and procedures to meet HIPAA requirements.

 Periodic organizational emails to compliance officers: know what has been completed / what remains for the year.

 Regular reminders and alerts to owners: supervise & manage your HIPAA compliance program and required activities.

 Better protect your Meaningful Use attestation check from being retracted or NOT issued.

 Access to continually updated content relative to changes in HIPAA rules, regulations and enforcement activity.

 Clinic policies and procedures, business associate agreement, gap identification & remediation, and more!