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eHIPAAcompliance.com is an easy to use, interactive site that allows clinics to create, modify or update a HIPAA compliance program.
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With simple step-by-step guidance and the ability to electronically sign off and save your progress you can protect your clinic… for only a $185 $99 set up fee and then $ 29.95 per month!
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Is your office HIPAA compliant? Probably not, the numbers show. And with the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) conducting Phase 2 HIPAA Compliance Audits, it’s more important than ever to protect your clinic and yourself with a compliance program.

40% - Aware of HIPAA Audits
58% - Conduct Annual HIPAA Training
53% - Appointed a Security Officer
23% - Regularly Review BAAs

Our easy-to-use online compliance program will walk you and your staff through the process of becoming compliant, then get you back what you do best: focusing on patient care.

Is your office participating in Meaningful Use or the new MIPS program? In addition to managing your HIPAA compliance, our program can also help you create the comprehensive security and risk analysis required by these programs. Don't be caught unprepared: malware and ransomware can bring your clinic to a standstill. Learn how to protect yourself and your practice with our easy to follow security guide.
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