takes great strides to maintain a high level of relevant information to ASSIST health care covered entities. The site has contributors who offer opinions, encouragement, recommendations and information concerning business growth, management, interpersonal communications and suggestions that may assist in business protection relative to regulatory compliance.


All information available to active enrollees and is for their use only.


The implementation of any or all materials and training is optional and at the discretion of the participant based on their evaluation of the usefulness and accuracy of same.


As a convenience to help continue compliance, this agreement will automatically renew on a month to month basis immediately after 12 months of mandatory enrollment for eHIPAA Clinic Membership Package. Should a member choose to terminate their agreement of the eHIPAA Clinic Membership after the initial 12 months of mandatory enrollment, member must email to a request for cancellation 30 days ahead of such request.  By accepting the Terms and Conditions, Member’s Credit cards on file will be automatically debited monthly for such fees.


The initial one-time expense for the eHIPAA Clinic Membership Package and the first month fees, will be debited immediately upon enrollment.  If the new member signs up for eHIPAA on or after the 16th of any month, then the initial one-time expense and one-half of the first month fees will be debited immediately upon enrollment.


Failure to pay and or discontinuation of the credit card will suspend immediately a Member’s right to access of all services and information.


eHIPAA Membership Package Refund Policy:


The parties understand and agree that because the eHIPAA Membership Package allows clients to access to all eHIPAA’s compliance program information immediately upon purchase, clients agree to the full 12 month membership cost to be paid monthly over the course of 12 months rather than all fees upon purchase.


All parties recognize and agree business and professional success and protection is the result of a subtle blend of many ingredients such as location, facilities, equipment, staff, training, personality, attitudes, concepts, procedures, protocols, strategies, techniques, weather, psychological factors, state and Federal laws and regulations, economic fluctuations, capital investment, etc. Therefore, because of the complexity and interactions of the many factors involved in business and professional success and protection, and because it is difficult, if not impossible to determine or ascertain the exact degree to which any of the above factors affect, contribute to, or detract from a specific Member’s business success and protection, the parties agree that payments are to be made as contracted, regardless whether Member believes such information /materials are productive for them.


Due to various and frequent changes in state and Federal laws, it is understood that all consulting, coaching, materials and information may not be suitable for use therefore, Member acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for compliance with the laws of each state  in which Member practices, as well as taking responsibility for meeting all Federal compliance standards and other laws. eHIPAA makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose of any materials presented. Membership in eHIPAA does not replace the need for your legal council to review all forms, documents, manuals, policies, procedures, etc. before you implement them or feel you are protected. Membership in eHIPAA does not replace the need for construction of a complete compliance program as eHIPAA is designed to enhance and help maintain an EXISTING HIPAA compliance program vs construct a complete program from scratch. eHIPAA provides tips and hints vs. constructing complete programs. It is up to you to meet state and federal mandates.


Member understands and agrees that the maximum liability incurred by for errors and omissions in providing consultative information services and documents under this Agreement, including any liability of any owner or employee of , to Member, shall be limited to the amount of the fee paid by Member for said services under this Agreement.


Any failure by to insist upon strict performance of the terms of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of the right to require strict performance at a later date. 


Any notice required hereunder shall be effective if sent by certified or registered mail and addressed to
eHIPAACompliance, LLC
1008 Ridge Road, Rockwall, TX  75087


This Agreement expresses the full understanding of the parties as to services to be rendered by eHIPAA


The Member may utilize all, part, or none of the information provided at the site or in any other form.  


The parties understand and agree they are not partners or involved in a joint venture and nothing shall be construed to create a partnership or joint venture between the parties.  does not and will not enter into the operation of Member’s business or practice.     


Confidentiality: Member agrees to not reveal, directly or indirectly, any information or materials obtained through this site with anyone, other than individuals who are current Members and people employed by the Member in their health care business. Member will be immediately liable to  for damages from such revelation.